The Rise of the Network Society

MLEK Senior Partner Dr. Laurence B. Mussio lectures at McMaster in March, 2013.

In recent years, it is becoming increasingly apparent what characteristic will define the current age. Ours is a unique period in history because of the rise of networks we’re seeing. Whether networks of innovation, networks of markets, or digital and social networks, these intersections are becoming increasingly complex and are in the process of reshaping society.

The rise of these the network society represents one of the contemporary era’s most consequential economic, technological and social developments.

As a result, it is necessary to add a new dimension to our understanding of business, economic and technological history: namely, how these networks function, what their role is in society, and how they are reshaping human communication.

We need to examine the foundation, organization and development of communications and information-processing industries that hold a prominent place in the economic, technological, and now social dimensions of our lives.

In fact, this very thing is being studied at the University level. MLEK partner Dr. Mussio has developed a course entitled The Rise of the Network Society in his capacity as Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Studies and Multimedia.

Rise, which is being taught at Hamilton’s McMaster University, explores the business/economic, corporate, political, social, and cultural contexts in which these developments unfold. Subjects such as disruptive technologies, market competition, new media entrants, the development of telecommunications, the evolution of the computer and the development of the Internet and social media are discussed under the unifying theme of the gradual but inevitable rise of inter-related networks.

This new interconnectedness affects innovation, enterprise, and corporate growth.

So how does this affect people working in large enterprises and in the public sector? The simple answer is that those in the communications industry need to understand networks as well. At a fundamental level, that knowledge and research about the human, social and economic behaviour of the network society can be captured and put to work in training for communications, innovation, human resources and in other areas.

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