MLEK’s Strategic Approach to Innovation

Leading companies know that innovation can be managed like any other organizational process.

MLEK has developed the “Innovation Through Engagement, Creativity and Collaboration Model”. This powerful tool can be the chief reference for leaders and managers to use to make their organizations more innovative. Here’s how it works.

MLEK’s Strategic Approach to Innovation

MLEK facilitates a series of step-by-step workshops that engages participants to navigate through the six components of the Innovation Model.

Defining Innovation

People in organizations need to know what innovation is in order to recognize opportunities to innovate. Innovation is about improvement. It’s about improving sales, productivity, efficiency, systems and processes. It can high-tech, low-tech, complex, simple. Innovation can be anything improves an organization’s outputs.

Organizational Strategy & Framework for Innovation

This is the most important and is most often missed in developing an innovative culture. An organization needs to have an overall framework or strategy for innovation or it runs the risk of losing opportunities presented by customers or employees. It needs to become a priority.

Developing a Learning Culture

Learning plays a huge role in an organization’s ability to innovate. It starts by believing in its potential and asking questions. For instance, companies with a learning culture continually seek to understand customers’ needs, new ways to administer, new processes, new technologies, what competitors are doing. Learning can be through research, experience or on-the-job learning.

Organizational Learning Disabilities & Innovation Blockers

Organizational learning disabilities and innovation blockers can be ever-present. These are behaviours that get in the way of acting on “ah ha” moments that lead to innovative ideas. They impede or stop individuals from innovating – even when the opportunity exists.

Defining Engagement and Encouraging Creativity & Collaboration

Defining engagement and encouraging creativity and collaboration are necessary building blocks of innovation. To do this successfully, organizations need to strategize how to inculcate these values and practices. A built-in innovative culture is systemic.

The Manager’s Role

The Manager’s role is the key to success. Managers need to enable, facilitate and communicate openness to innovation.

MLEK can help your company or organization transform into a culture of learning and innovation through its Innovation Practice.

MLEK provides training, consulting and strategic advice to the public, private, not-for-profit and academic sectors. The firm specializes in leadership, communications, innovation, management, ethics and emotional intelligence. The MLEK team connects client needs to leading-edge best practices.

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