Senior Partner

Following university, Martin began working for the Ontario Public Service (OPS). For over 35 years he worked directly and indirectly with over a dozen ministries in various capacities. He has worked in regional offices, Toronto and central agencies. These positions were at all levels: frontline, project management, and management. Martin’s approach to his career in the OPS was to always pursue interesting and challenging work. This has given him a wide range of experiences and knowledge, resulting in a unique perspective of the OPS. He poignantly draws on this perspective when facilitating any program geared to the public sector. Martin understands a great deal of the internal workings of government and uses his experience in training and facilitation to transfer that knowledge to others through the design, development and delivery of thought provoking and engaging programs for staff at all levels. He specializes in Innovation, Customer Service, Values and Ethics, Meaningful Work, Stakeholder Engagement, Management Development, Dealing with Difficult People, Service Management and Teamwork.