Senior Partner

John Elliott is a Senior Partner in Mussio, La Grassa, Elliott, Krogh where he has devoted his professional practice in the design and development of programs to advance the careers of executives and professionals in the workplace. Educated in Toronto, in psychology and education he has expertise in the selection and administration of psychometric tools to provide an overall snapshot of a person’s abilities in the workplace. He provides well designed programs that the results generated provide an accurate summary of a potential employee’s skills and abilities. The format and scientific nature of the tests also mean that results are very difficult to “dupe” or “fake” and are reliable in the workplace setting. In addition, John is a frequent facilitator to help organizations navigate challenges and solve problems. His recent activities include delivering workshops in Emotional Intelligence for leaders of one of Ontario’s largest Police forces. John is a member of the Institute for Performance and Learning and holds the designation, Certified Training and Development Professional (CTDP).