Emotional Intelligence for Professional and Personal Development

Understanding what Emotional Intelligence is and why it matters is a key success factor for today’s organizations. MLEK can provide assessment using the Bar-On EQi 2.0 for staff across all aspects of any business. It is especially powerful for leaders and emerging leaders. If we can gain insight around our range of productive behaviours and learn where our blind spots are, we can leverage our strengths and develop our weakness. Assessing Emotional Intelligence is done online in conjunction with an EQ coach. The results are interpreted and shared with the respondents. In addition, MLEK delivers comprehensive workshops on how to use EQi individually and within organizations. To make the topic less daunting, MLEK provides clear and usable tools and strategies aligned to a comprehensive development plan for both individuals and organizations. Our goal at MLEK is to ensure that EQi becomes part of the culture of any organization. The higher the EQi in an organization, the more staff and stakeholders benefit.

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