Case Study: OPS Management Foundations Program

3 Senior Partner, Martin Krogh’s approach to developing programs is to methodically identify and address the needs of the organization. A challenging and successful, example, is the Ontario Public Service (OPS) when it was in need of a “foundations program” for new managers. The goal of this program was to give new managers a basic understanding and a set of skills which were required to be a manager in the OPS.

To determine what this “basic understanding” was, Martin formulated a resource group made up of seasoned of OPS managers and human resource professionals. Analysis of the resource group discussions showed the topics that needed to be included in the foundations program. Once these topics were identified he developed a two-day agenda, presented it to senior management and obtained their approval. He then requested, from senior management, to approve his list of subject matter experts (SMEs) that would be used to begin development of the program content.

As an experienced program developer Martin met with each SME to develop content. He often took up the task of assisting them in writing case studies and developing other interactive activities that would assure the program was practical, engaging and empathetic to the needs of the participants. The program was piloted and minor changes were made to improve the program for delivery across the OPS.

It had been predetermined that this program would be in high demand and needed to be offered in each region throughout the province. To address this need, Martin developed a team of trainers, which included regional staff, to deliver the program. The program was very well received by participants and became the first ever, mandatory program for new managers in the OPS. To date thousands of managers have participated in the program.

The new approach to the development of issues management products was extremely successful within the Division, subsequently in the entire Ministry and equally impressive, Lucy was able to provide similar services to other Ontario ministries over several years further distinguishing herself within an increasingly crowded sector of consultancy to government.”