National Telecommunications Provider

Recently, a multinational, IT-based company approached MLEK Senior Partner Dr. Laurence Mussio to solve an industry-wide problem. The company’s personnel often deal with contentious issues; problems of a delicate or time-sensitive nature; or challenges that require clear, lucid explanation. In other words, these professionals are compelled not only to fix problems, but to explain what the problems are, how they are being solved, and what the potential business impact might be. The company, therefore, needed to make sure that its personnel were employing good strategic thinking and clear, effective writing. In a fast-flowing business such as information and communication technology, conceptualizing and articulating issues is critical skill to have to help the company ensure it is nimble and responsive to the marketplace.

To address this need, Dr. Mussio developed a course to enhance specific communications competencies that company employees required in their day-to-day relationships. It focused on how to telegraph issues smartly, succinctly, and convincingly. This aided employees in clearly conveying information to decision-makers in a timely fashion.

After taking the course, employees learned to construct effective reports and briefs while also the elements of effective writing. The course also featured a workshop component that allowed students to put into practice what they had learned and receive real-time feedback. Dr. Mussio worked with each professional personally to improve his or her communications skills.

Dr. Mussio’s course has greatly improved the company’s communication with key decision-makers. The result has been an expedited decision-making process and well-informed stakeholders.

*Company name has been withheld to respect confidentiality