Case Study: Issues Management

“The Policy Division required assistance in strengthening the issues management capability of key staff. Through a procurement process, Lucy was the successful service provider competing against firms with a long history in the sector. Lucy’s insightful perspectives, unique service offering tailored to meet the client’s specific needs, responsiveness/adaptability and exceptionally strong analytical skills to identify and resolve the root causes of weaknesses distinguished her from her competitors. Through the skillful combination of these services to achieve desired results, Lucy developed an innovative approach and understanding to how the Division should view and prepare key issues management documents (minister’s briefing and information notes) and designed training sessions to implement the new approach. Concurrently she identified the need for strengthening the business writing skills of key Division staff involved in the daily issues management process. I too benefited tremendously from her guidance in the area of business writing, a process that involved the use of documents prepared in the course of a typical workday so to avoid any negative impact on productivity – clearly a client centred service provider!

The new approach to the development of issues management products was extremely successful within the Division, subsequently in the entire Ministry and equally impressive, Lucy was able to provide similar services to other Ontario ministries over several years further distinguishing herself within an increasingly crowded sector of consultancy to government.”

Director, Ontario Ministry of Transportation