Case Study: International Food Testing Corporation

MLEK Senior Partner Dr. Laurence Mussio recently delivered a solution to a particular challenge at one of Canada’s prominent food testing companies. Though this client has an international reach, poor writing and presentation skills had been inhibiting its effectiveness; complex discussions of information technology, biotechnology, and consumer and clinical testing were being lost on key decision-makers.

Dr. Mussio developed and taught a course for employees in response to the company’s need. By learning to write and present clearly, employees were able to ensure that clients and decision-makers could assess situations more quickly, exercise their judgment, and exploit market advantage. Dr. Mussio tailored the course to address the issues particular to the food-testing industry, but he emphasized key messages to suit specific needs. Employees were then able to apply the principles learned in the course to a variety of situations.

Dr. Mussio also developed an extensive reference manual crystallizing the the teachings of the course. While also used in the training, the workbook functioned as a desk reference for participants long after they had completed the course. In this way, Dr. Mussio ensured that participants got the most out of the training and were able to effectively hold discussions on complex subject matter.

*Company name has been withheld to respect confidentiality