Mussio La Grassa Elliott Krogh Inc. (MLEK)

MLEK provides training, consulting and strategic advice to the public, private, not-for-profit and academic sectors. The firm specializes in leadership, communications, innovation, management, ethics and emotional intelligence. All four senior partners are Certified Training and Development Professionals (CTDP).

The MLEK team connects client needs to leading-edge best practices.

Our Philosophy

Continuous Improvement

We help you build corporate integrity and continuous improvement.

We believe an organization’s success is derived from its individual integrated moving parts. We know that every individual is equally important to the success, or lack of success, of the whole organization.

MLEK Philosophy

We are a team of MLEK partners and experts at researching and analyzing the whole and its individual integrated parts. We evaluate the data and findings. We offer advice and solutions to resolve challenges and grow your organization.

We bring coaching, consulting and training know-how to maximize your professional, corporate or organizational goals. You can count on MLEK.

Glowing Client Feedback

Senior partners Dr. Laurence B. Mussio, Lucy La Grassa, John Elliott and Martin Krogh consistently receive high scores from participants for being engaging, knowledgeable and inspirational.

Adult Learning Principles

We design, develop and deliver courses that adhere to nine (9) Adult Learning Principles. We build competencies and apply experiential, transformational, participatory and exponential learning techniques to transfer skills and knowledge. We have consistent high results as trainers, coaches and facilitators.

MLEK uses a combination of individual exercises, scenario building, team workshops, videos, role play, peer review, analysis, mini lectures, before and after examples, peer encouragement, and confidence-building exercises. In particular, our trainers punctuate the courses with self-discovery and self-assessment exercises.

We are always looking for ways to make training and coaching more engaging, innovative and “sticky”.